19 September 2018



« Thanks again for this beautiful session. I was still floating when I left. Wonderful feeling. I feel as if I see many things from a different perspective. No regrets! »

M. Bérubé, Edmundston, New Brunswick



mandala-2031287_1280There is something magical about QHHT, because the practitioner is not responsible for what is going on. The messages come from our subconscious, our higher self,      and it explains things that the conscious mind sometimes cannot grasp.”

— Elaine, Edmundston, New Brunswick




“Renée is very professional and respectful, it was a good experience.” 

— S. Bertin, Halifax, Nova Scotia




vintage-1325327_640“To my great surprise, I quickly entered into the hypnotic state.
I was well guided by Renée. QHHT truly amazed me with its fluidity, profoundness as well as the precision in which all my questions were answered.”

— M.E. LeBlanc, Dieppe, New Brunswick




“I felt like a huge weight was lifted, and a new feeling of empowerment is now my new ‘normal’.”  

— M. Phillips, Riverview, New Brunswick




mandala-2031287_1280“This being my first experience, I had no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The answers and the aha moments continued to reveal themselves over the following weeks. Thank you Renée.”

— Denise, Memramcook, New Brunswick