16 August 2018

About Me

ReneeMorel-photo2017(175x210)webI am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique/QHHT® Level 2 Practitioner located in the province of
New Brunswick, Canada.

I offer sessions in English or French in Edmundston in the northwest and in the Moncton/Shediac area in the southeast.

This hypnotic regression technique was developed by Dolores Cannon through her work with thousands of clients over a period of more than 45 years. She has also written many books about her research. 

In 2018, I attended Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, taught in person by her daughter,
Julia Cannon.

I invite you to visit my profile on the QHHT® Official web page: www.qhhtofficial.com/members/renee-morel


the-three-waves-volunteers-and-the-new-earth-195x300Discovering QHHT®

I discovered Dolores Cannon’s work at the end of 2014, when I read, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”.

Intrigued, I had my first QHHT® session in 2015. It was an amazing and life changing experience!

Dolores considered herself as “the reporter, the psychic investigator and the researcher of ‘lost’ knowledge”.

Her work struck a deep chord within me, not only because of my background in journalism, but also because of my natural curiosity and my personal and spiritual journey.

My Journey 

flower-of-life-1079763_1920Even before I became a teenager, I was always fascinated with mysteries, history and metaphysics.

An incurable bookworm, I’ve lost count of all of the titles devoured over the years. I love books about archaeology, ancient and lost civilizations, forgotten or hidden history, the Templars, the Cathars, Gnosticism and various other spiritual paths, reincarnation, astrology, metaphysics, synchronicity, quantum physics, self-healing, and so much more!


On the road to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, 2002.

In my quest for answers and a deep need for spiritual renewal, I walked the Camino de Santiago (St. James’s Way) in Spain and France.

I love meeting new people and chatting with them, and not only because of my professional background.

I worked for several years as a news & current affairs producer for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Later, I became a freelancer and teamed up with various production companies and broadcasters to produce, direct, write, research and coordinate a variety of television documentaries.

My personal values and my passions are always reflected in the projects I choose to undertake.

As a communication consultant and project manager, I’ve immersed myself in various sectors, including arts and culture, education, renewable energies, the safeguard and protection of the environment, as well as social and community development.

Visit my communications consulting website : www.reneemorel.ca